Turning Our Eyes From The Stars*

My six year old son has a deep, unending fascination with the universe.  He is mesmerized by books and stories and documentaries about space, the moon, the planets, the solar system, the Hubble… Continue reading

This’ll Hurt Me More . . .

Despite what nearly every child and young adult in the entire world most certainly believes, parents do not like to punish their kids.  I admit to being a parent with relatively high behavioral… Continue reading

The Summer

So.  If I gauge the seasons on the fact that we have already seen a string of  soupy 90 degree days, and the spooky torrential rains have come frequently and strongly enough to… Continue reading

The Photobooth

Our iMac has a pretty useless program called Photobooth.  This program essentially allows users to play with the built in iSight camera.  It has no other purpose.  When someone opens Photobooth, a little… Continue reading

Nice Going, Dad.

What follows is the fist of a series of questionable, regretful or just plain stupid parenting moments that will be tagged “Nice Going, Dad.” I have two kids, and one is almost six,… Continue reading

Baseball Players Are Dads Too, Jerk.

Yesterday, on NPR’s All Things Considered, Rob Neyer (National Baseball Editor, Sports Blog Nation) is interviewed for his perspective on the “controversy” surrounding Texas Ranger pitcher Colby Lewis, who dared to take a… Continue reading

The Unfamiliar Dark.

This weekend marked the second time our five year old son had a sleepover with a buddy. Needless to say, the kid was stoked. He woke up on Saturday morning and began asking… Continue reading

Young Ears

The weather around here is changing.  The days are becoming longer, the winter chill seems to have taken its official seasonal leave, and the past few days have been filled with the light… Continue reading

The Perpetual Shave

“Being a great father is like shaving. No matter how good you shaved today, you have to do it again tomorrow.” – Reed Markham A few days ago, I was having a conversation… Continue reading

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