The Intruder: A Tale of Idiocy and Heroism, pt. 1.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw him.  Which is odd, because if we’re being totally honest here, I’d have to say hardly noticed him, let alone recognized him for what he… Continue reading

The Source of Magic

She was born a yellow girl, and the doctors furrowed their brows.  Before her breath had even found its way to her mother’s breast, the yellow girl was whisked away by people in… Continue reading


I just can’t turn away from the recent events in Newtown and go back to my ordinary life.  I can’t do it.  I am stuck in the cycle of aftermath. I don’t know… Continue reading

Fix This.

I am trying to remember.  I want to remember.  I have a need to remember everything this morning, in antiseptic detail. At 6:40, my alarm went off.  The room was dark.  I stayed… Continue reading

… Maybe.

I named this blog The Perpetual Shave based on a quote by some dude named Reed Markham, who said that “being a great father is like shaving. No matter how good you shaved… Continue reading

Strange Weather

“I was thinking that, on Jane’s eighteenth birthday… That’s the day I stop being a dad. Of children. Officially. Like the day I just … I just become a guy. Not ‘daddy’. I… Continue reading

Paddles and Point Chains.

Second grade, I think.  1979. I remember the discomfort in the classroom.  Thick, humid silence among the students, occasionally perforated by a sharp whisper or a quiet titter of laughter.  Richard Owens was… Continue reading

Thirty-nine and Pajama Feet

No one wants to hear the reasons why a blog goes dormant, so I won’t trouble anyone with the specifics.  Sometimes the juggler becomes a casualty of the bowling pins he has twirling… Continue reading

The Sixteenth Year

On August 19th, 1995 at around 5pm in the evening, I slid a tiny golden ring around the slender finger of a beautiful red-haired, milk-skinned young woman and we said a few pretty,… Continue reading

Pirate nights and gelatin jumps.

All summer long, my six-year-old has seen titillating flyers posted on the walls of our neighborhood pool.   The flyers announced the coming of the second annual Pirate Night.  According to the flyer,… Continue reading

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