Miley Cyrus and The Culture of Nothing.

I made the mistake of looking up the Miley Cyrus MVA performance that aired last night on MTV.  My family has no cable television and and I have no desire to watch a… Continue reading

Stories From The New Country

As a parent, and like all parents before me, it is my job to worry about my kids and the world we are leaving them. I have done at least some of that… Continue reading

Leaving The Old Country

Sometimes, while looking at my growing children and observing how they interact with the huge but astonishingly accessible world around them, I cannot help but superimpose the images of my own childhood over… Continue reading

I’m Talking To You.

For me, the creative act is about conversation.  Whether I am directing a piece of theatre, writing a poem, taking a photograph, crafting a blog post or reading a book aloud to my… Continue reading

Rock N’ Roll and Broken Hearts.

9:15 in the morning.  Tuesday.  The sun is piercing through the window of our van as we cut through a February morning that is so brittle-cold that it seems to be crystallizing.  The… Continue reading

The Darkness

I bank my days in the eyes of this child. We are peeping long in a hallway mirror. We are sweatpant sham and sideshow circus, All chirps and eyeballs and lyric and grin.… Continue reading

I Cannot Afford You.

This morning, my daughter walked into the kitchen where I was preparing a crockpot dinner, and laid herself down on the floor. She smiled up at me and said “Lookit me, Daddy!” and… Continue reading

Litany, recited by a Three-Year Old Who Is Not Mine.

Presented without comment. Happy Friday. Litany You are the bread and the knife, The crystal goblet and the wine… -Jacques Crickillon You are the bread and the knife, the crystal goblet and the… Continue reading

Daddy? I Love You.

On most days, my daughter does not wake up like a pleasant person.  She stumbles out of her bedroom, trailing a heavy cloud of sleep like a hangover, rubbing her puffy eyes and… Continue reading

The Intruder, pt.2 : A Tale Of Idiocy and Heroism, concluded.

Now what? There was a live mouse trapped under a large soup bowl. I didn’t have an answer for what came next, and my wife (The Hero) had other things to do, after… Continue reading

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