About The Shave

About this blog:  The Perpetual Shave is a reflective, creative-nonfiction blog focused on the introspective questions raised by the experiences of fatherhood.

About me: Who am I?  Some days, I am myself, but most days I am simply a summation of little attempts and failures that infrequently add up to the scribbled sketch of a man who is attempting to be a stay-at-home-Dad, theatre artist, writer and husband and runner.  Usually in the same blink of a half-second.

Life happens fast.  Last night I got married, and woke up this morning with two children and a foot half-way down the long road.  I rarely have time to think about the moments that bubble and pop throughout the day.  I write, do laundry, chauffeur to school, mow the lawn, run, make dinner and occasionally get a chance to shave, perpetually.  Looking back on my day, I always sigh to think how many moments with my kids got lost in the fracas.

Hence this blog.  Time to think.  Time to remember.  Time to shave.