Life Among Wild Things.

My young wolf sings to the absent moon Her howl is a floodlight in the dawn She is her own soft predatory music If I were to stand and call out to her… Continue reading

Your Eyes Are Just Like Mine.

I don’t want you to come with me, but you must. “This kind of thing is hard with a four year-old,” I say to the other significant grown-up in your life.  But we… Continue reading

There Is No Such Thing.

“PAUSE THE MOVIE!!  I HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM!!!” “Go, go!” “WILL YOU COME WITH ME??” “… To the bathroom?” “YES!!!” “It’s ten steps down the hall.” “I WANT SOMEBODY TO COME… Continue reading

The Story I’m Writing

Hey world.  I can’t seem to write. Searching the internet for tips on how to overcome writers block, the only one I found that made any helpful sense at all was the one… Continue reading

Is This Public Enemy Number One?

The following is a guest post by Rebecca Reeder who (in addition to being a lifelong public school and civic educator) is the grandmother of the kids who appear so often on the… Continue reading

Tying Purple Shoes, pt. 2

(the following is a continuation of TYING PURPLE SHOES, pt. 1.) *    *    * “So it’s supposed to be funny?” “Isn’t it?” “Well, sure, if you read it for face value.”… Continue reading

Tying Purple Shoes, pt. 1.

  INT. PRESCHOOL CLASSROOM — DAY A gaggle of four year olds, including MY FOUR YEAR OLD, sit fidgeting on a carpet. Two preschool TEACHERS, one sitting spryly on the floor, the other… Continue reading

The Fox

So.  A confession. I am often perplexed as to why certain videos and memes go viral.  Most of them make me scratch my head, feel old, and worry about what is happening to… Continue reading

The Pregnant Father

I was recently flamed on a Facebook page for objecting to the notion that fathers have nothing to do with pregnancy and that the experience of being pregnant was something that I as… Continue reading

The Last Miley Cyrus Post Ever.

So this is the last post I will ever write about Miley Cyrus. Some may find the content of this post and the one I published earlier in the week to be a… Continue reading

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